Daily Catholic Readings – January 20, 2024


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First Reading 2 Samuel 1:1-4, 11-12, 19, 23-27
ResponseLet your face shine on us, Lord, and we shall be saved.
GospelMark 3:20-21

R/. Let your face shine on us, Lord, and we shall be saved.

O shepherd of Israel, hear us,
you who lead Joseph like a flock:
enthroned on the cherubim, shine forth
upon Ephraim, Benjamin, Manasseh.
Rouse up your might and come to save us. R/.

How long, O Lord, God of hosts,
will you be angry at the prayer of your people?
You have fed them with tears for their bread,
an abundance of tears for their drink.
You have made us the taunt of our neighbours;
our foes mock us among themselves. R/.

V/. Alleluia R/. Alleluia

V/. Open our hearts, O Lord, that we may pay attention to the words of your Son.

R/. Alleluia

At that time: Jesus went home with his disciples, and the crowd gathered again, so that they could not even eat. And when his family heard it, they went out to seize him, for they were saying, “He is out of his mind.”

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