Catholic Daily Reflections

Catholic readings for November 23, 2023. We are in the liturgical Year 1.

Daily Catholic Readings – November 23, 2023

33rd Week in Ordinary Time

Psalter: Week 1

Readings of the Day

Reading 11 Maccabees 2:15-29
ResponseTo one whose way is blameless, I will show the salvation of God.
GospelLuke 19:41-44
Daily Catholic Readings - November 23, 2023

Catholic Daily Reflections


Jesus weeps over Jerusalem. No doubt that the city and temple of Jerusalem are icons of glory and pride for their people. But this glory and greatness cannot save them, they fail to be receptive and cooperative to God’s grace.

All the exterior splendour, pomp and name cannot condone and make good for their lack of receptivity and cooperation. God in His mercy has come to visit His people and save them through His only Son Jesus.

He shows them the ways of peace and urges them to walk these ways. He immolates himself for their sake. He bails himself out as ransom in order to purchase them back. But they do not recognize God’s visitation. They become obstinate and refuse to adhere to Jesus. This deeply anguishes the loving heart of Jesus who cries out bitter tears.

God continues to weep over us and the whole of humanity. His heart languishes looking at how man prides himself in the external displays and glories. He is deeply pained by how man seeks vain pleasures.

He is agonized at how man willingly renders himself in the hands of the enemies. True to Jesus’ words in the gospel passage, the “enemies surround him with barricades, shut him in and press on him on every side. And they will dash him and his children to the ground. They will not leave a stone upon a stone within his manmade kingdom”. How truly today’s man is bound in manifold ways!